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VCR Drip Bag - Brazil Primavera

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Product Description

ORIGIN:    Brazil

REGION:    Primavera Chapadas de Minas

VARIETY:    Yellow Catuai

ALTITUDE:    1000 m.a.s.l

PROCESSING METHOD:    Pulped Natural

TASTING NOTES:    Salted Caramel / Dark Raisins / Cadburry Chocolate

RECOMMENDED STORAGE CONDITION:    Air-dry room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.


100% Arabica Coffee, Freshly roast and grind on demand, One box contains 7 drip bags of eminent specialty coffee.

Net weight: 10g / bag

This coffee is farmed at Fazenda Primavera, located in the municipality of Angelândia, Minas Gerais, which promotes the cultivation of specialty coffee. This pulped natural offering is a perfect example of exceptional coffee from Brazil. It is detectable as black coffee and a good partner for milk.


    1. Tear accordingly to the perforated line.

    2. Hang drip bag over a cup.

    3. Pour approximately 200ml hot water into coffee grounds gently.

    4. Let the water flow slowly.

    5. Enjoy.